This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Normalization Engine logging

The Normalization Engine logs errors in the following log files:

  • neAPI.log — Records the messages that are generated by the Normalization Engine API calls.
  • neContinuous.log — Records the messages that are generated by the Normalization Engine continuous job processing.
  • neJob.<DatasetId>.<NNNN>.log — Records the messages that are generated by the Normalization Engine batch job processing. The DatasetId component in the file name indicates the dataset ID on which the normalization activity is to be performed and the NNNN component is a four-digit sequence number, for example, neJob.BMC.SAMPLE.0000.log
  • nePluginServer.log — Records information, such as the Normalization Engine is starting up, the cache is loading up, and so on.

The Normalization Engine logs, which classify the messages into error, warning, information, and debug categories, are enabled by default. Each entry in the log provides the following details:

  • Timestamp — The date and time of the log entry.
  • Log Type — The type of log entry: warning, error, or information.
  • File name and line number — The file name and line number on which the error occurred.
  • User name — The user that started a specific Normalization Engine job. This information is not logged in the neContinuous.log and neBatch<timeStamp>.log files.
  • TID — The thread that the Normalization Engine job used when the message was generated.
  • Message — The message for the log entry.

You can specify the following additional parameters for logging in the Configuration Editor window of the Normalization Engine console.

  • API Log File Location — Enables you to specify a directory location different than the default location on your system where the log files are to be written. The Normalization Engine log files are located in the <atriumInstallationDirectory>/Logs directory by default.
  • API MAx File Size (MB) — Enables you to specify a maximum size, in megabytes (MB), for your log file. When the log file reaches the specified limit, the system automatically creates a backup of the log file and continues to store the log entries in a new log file. The default value for the CMDB-Max-Log-File-Size parameter is set to 5 MB.
  • API Log Level — Specifies the level of logging for the log files. These levels determine the types of messages that are logged for the Normalization Engine. The logging levels are inclusive of their preceding levels. The debug levels are:
    • Error — Logs messages for error.
    • Warning — Logs messages for warnings.
    • Information — Logs informational messages. This the default logging level.
    • Debug — Logs additional details for errors, which are used for debugging purposes. This is the highest level of logging. 

For more information about setting the log file parameters for the Normalization Engine, see the BMC Atrium CMDB Normalization and Reconciliation information.

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