This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Miscellaneous commands for cmdbdriver

The following table lists the cmdbdriver commands for miscellaneous BMC Atrium Core operations.

cmdbdriver commands for miscellaneous C API functions


Full name




Creates AR System forms from the data model definitions that hold instance data, and workflow, which enforces class hierarchy and data integrity. This command corresponds with the CMDBSynchMetaData C API function.


set server port

Sets the specified server port. This command corresponds with the CMDBSetServerPort C API function.


driver version

Returns the cmdbdriver version installed on your system.


begin bulk entry transaction

Indicates that subsequent API functions are part of the bulk transaction. This command corresponds with the CMDBBeginBulkEntryTransaction C API function.


end bulk entry transaction

This function commits or rolls back the bulk transaction, depending on the action type. This command corresponds with the CMDBEndBulkEntryTransaction C API function.


get version

Retrieves the version information for any BMC Atrium Core component that is installed.


get audit copy

Retrieves a copy of the specified CI instance if the attribute data for the instance is modified.



Exports the specified class definitions from the specified server. This command is used in association with the imp command which is deprecated. If you use this command, you will not be able to import. See Import and export commands for cmdbdriver.



Imports the specified class definitions to the specified server. This function has been deprecated since BMC Atrium CMDB version 2.1.00. Using this command corrupts the Common Data Model. See Import and export commands for cmdbdriver.


graph query

Searches related instances. This command corresponds with the CMDBGraphQuery C API function.


create GUID

Creates a globally unique identifier. This command corresponds with the CMDBCreateGuid C API function.



For internal use only.


expand param

Accepts an unexpanded string that contains parameters and substitutes values from the attribute value list provided in the CMDBAttributeValueList structure. This command corresponds with the CMDBExpandParametersForCI C API function.


run qual

Performs validation on a list of attributes for a specified CI. This command corresponds with the CMDBRunQualificationForCI C API function.


graph walk query

Retrieves a list of instances for the specified qualifications. Use this function to retrieve instances when you do not know the exact relationship path to follow. This command corresponds with the CMDBGraphWalkBegin, CMDBGraphWalkNext, and CMDBGraphWalkEnd C API functions.

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