This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Merging datasets into a reconciled target dataset

The following topics provide instructions for merging data into a reconciled target dataset:

After you have identified your data, you can merge it from one or more source datasets into one target dataset to create a reconciled view of that data.

Using the standard or custom precedence rules, you set a precedence value for each dataset that participates in the merge, including the target, and then create individual values for any classes or attributes in those datasets that should be higher or lower. These precedence values determine which dataset, including the target if needed, supplies the data that is written to the target dataset for each class and attribute.

Only instances that have reconciliation identities and for which the ReconciliationMergeStatus attribute is set to Ready to Merge can participate in a merge. For more information about identification, see Matching instances across datasets by using a reconciliation Identify activity. After an instance is merged into the target dataset, the ReconciliationMergeStatus attribute is set to Merge Done.

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