This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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ExecuteSavedQuery function (query_bypath)

Runs a saved query of BMC Atrium CMDB. 

WSDL operation

<operation name="ExecuteSavedQuery" parameterOrder="inargs">
	<input message="tns:ExecuteSavedQueryRequest" 
	<output message="tns:ExecuteSavedQueryResponse" 
	<fault message="tns:AtriumFault" name="AtriumFault"/>

WSDL messages

<message name="ExecuteSavedQueryRequest">
	<part element="types:ExecuteSavedQuery" name="inargs"/>
<message name="ExecuteSavedQueryResponse">
	<part element="types:QueryByPathOutput" name="outargs"/>
<message name="AtriumFault">
	<part element="common:AtriumFault" name="errargs"/>

XSD schema

<element name="ExecuteSavedQuery">
			<element name="loginInfo" nillable="true" 
			<element name="queryName" type="string"/>
			<element name="extensions" nillable="true" 
<element name="AtriumFault">
			<element name="serviceFault"
				type="tns:AtriumServiceFault" />
			<element name="backendFault"
				type="tns:AtriumBackendFault" />

Input arguments


User ID, passwords, domain and other information necessary to log on to the application. See LoginInfo.


The name of the saved query to execute.


See SavedQueryParameterValueList.


The unique identifier for the dataset. The data in the return values are based on the dataset ID specified in this parameter.


The ID that specifies the type of dataset on which to perform the operation.

  • 0: None--Based on the datasetId being passed, instances are retrieved from either the overlay or the original dataset (CMDB_GET_MASK_NONE).
  • 1<<0: Current Mode--Allows you to retrieve instances from the current dataset only (CMDB_GET_DATASET_MODE_CURRENT).


The instance ID of the class for which you want to retrieve relationships and instances.


The number of levels to traverse in the specified queryGraph. The value A-1 specifies the query to traverse to the end of the graph.


See QueryResultList.


The extension ID of the class for which you want to retrieve relationships and instances. This is required if the query graph contains the same CI class more than once and needs to distinguish one from another. See ExtensionList.

Fault message

Fault message

See Fault message.

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