This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Defining CI labels for a class

You can define the label that appears below each Configuration Item (CI) icon to help you identify that CI. In the BMC Atrium Explorer display pane, a label appears below each CI icon to help you identify that CI. The text of the label is the value of an attribute of the CI class. By default, BMC Atrium Explorer uses the Name or ShortDescription attribute of that CI, depending on its CI class, as listed in #Default attributes for CI labels.


When choosing new attributes to use for CI labels, select:

  • Attributes that are likely to have clear values. Some attributes might have no values or values that are not descriptive of the CI.
  • Attributes that allow you to identify CIs with fewer characters, because the default limit in BMC Atrium Explorer for CI labels is 32 characters. For example, avoid using the Description attribute, because the full description is likely to exceed the display limit. You can change the character limit as part of the BMC Atrium Explorer options, available in the BMC Atrium Explorer toolbar.

To define a CI label for a class

  1. Use the following direct access URL to open the BMC_UIComponent form:
  2. Create or modify an instance of BMC_UIComponent, entering values for the following attributes.
    When searching for existing BMC_UIComponent instances of a class, specify the ClassLabelAttribute for the ComponentType field as part of your search criteria.
    • ClassId — Type BMC_UICOMPONENT.
    • ComponentType — Select ClassLabelAttribute.
    • ComponentRelatedClassId — The ID of the class to which this entry applies. The class ID is case sensitive, and might not be the same as the class name. For example, the class with a name of BMC_BaseElement has a class ID of BMC_ASSETBASE. For more information about the class ID of a specific class, see the BMC Atrium CMDB Data Model Help.
    • ComponentString — The attributes to use for CI labels, listed in order of preference. Separate attributes with a comma and a space. For example, enter Description, Category to specify Description as the first attribute and Category as the second attribute.
    • ComponentLocale — The locale for which this label is applied. When a client requests a locale for which there is no label defined, the en_US threshold is used.
    • CMDBRowLevelSecurity — Select the Public group.
  3. Save your changes.

New and changed CI labels are available to BMC Atrium Explorer within ten minutes. To make them available sooner, restart the mid tier. After waiting ten minutes or restarting the mid tier, reopen BMC Atrium Explorer.

Default attributes for CI labels

The type of CI determines its label:

  • CIs that represent logical resources use the Name attribute.
  • CIs that tend to have long, encoded names use the ShortDescription attribute.

Classes with a Name attribute label

Classes with a ShortDescription attribute label

  • BMC_Collection
  • BMC_Document
  • BMC_LogicalEntity
  • BMC_Person
  • BMC_AccessPoint
  • BMC_Equipment
  • BMC_Settings
  • BMC_System
  • BMC_SystemComponent
  • BMC_SystemService

A subclass uses the CI label settings of its superclass. For example, because the BMC_System class uses the ShortDescription attribute for CI labels, the BMC_ComputerSystem class also uses the ShortDescription attribute.

Classes have a prioritized list of attributes for CI labels to ensure that every CI has a label in BMC Atrium Explorer. If the first attribute is empty, then BMC Atrium Explorer uses the second attribute, and so on. If all listed attributes are empty, then BMC Atrium Explorer displays the class name as the CI label. This ensures that the CI label is never empty.

You can configure different attributes to use for CI labels of a class by creating an instance of the BMC_UIComponent form for that class. By default, classes that use the ShortDescription attribute for CI labels do so because they inherit that setting from a BMC_UIComponent form entry for the BMC_BaseElement class. Classes that use the Name attribute have their own BMC_UIComponent form entries.

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