This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Creating a target

The steps for creating a target are similar to the steps used to create a baseline. For targets, you are primarily interested in the current state of your CIs. When defining your target, select items that are consistent with the baseline. For example, do not try to compare a Windows computer in a target with UNIX ® computers in a baseline.

To access the Target Wizard

  1. From the left navigation pane of Drift Management, select Authoring > Targets.
  2. On the Target List of Items, click Create.
    The Target Wizard is displayed.

To create a target

  1. Provide the following information, and then click Next.
    • Name and Description--A meaningful name and description for the target set of CIs you are defining.
    • Accessible To--Controls who can later view, execute, modify, and delete the target.


      Groups assigned using the Accessible To: field allow you to see only the target listed, but not the target contents. Permissions to see the contents of the target are controlled by BMC Atrium CMDB permissions and any additional permissions you applied using instance permissions as described in Managing Drift Management permissions.

  2. From the Select a Dataset pane, select a dataset, and then click Next.
    This dataset can be BMC Asset (accessing directly from BMC Atrium CMDB) or any auxiliary datasets, or it can be a dataset you created when running a snapshot job. Which dataset you use depends on your particular scenario for detecting drift. Only datasets you have permission to view are displayed.


    If you create a dataset, using the Reconciliation Console, to use as the source dataset for a snapshot, baseline, or target, you must add Drift Master permissions to the CMDBRowLevelSecurity attribute of the dataset for it to be visible from the Snapshot Job, Baseline, or Target Wizards.

  3. From the Specify a Qualification Set pane, specify a qualification set to apply to the target. Do one of the following actions:
    • To create a new qualification set, click Create.
      The Qualification Builder appears. Use the Qualification Builder help or follow the instructions in Creating qualification sets and include and exclude sets to create a new qualification set to apply to the target.
      Saving the qualification returns you to the Specify a Qualification Set pane and the details of the qualification set are displayed.
    • To select an existing qualification set, click Select.
      The List of Items displays the available qualification sets.
      Select the qualification set you want to use and click Select Item.
      The Specify a Qualification Set screen appears and the details of the Qualification set are displayed.
  4. Click Done.
    You return to the Targets List of Items and the target you created is listed.
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