This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Configuring user access to BMC Atrium Core components

User access to BMC Atrium Core components requires that you create BMC Remedy AR System groups and users who are properly licensed. You must also map these groups to their BMC Atrium Core roles.


When you upgrade BMC Atrium Core, the installer does not create new groups and does not modify existing role and computed group definitions. As a result, the upgrade process does not break the existing groups, roles, and mappings that you have configured for your system.

To configure user access to components

  1. Open the Group form and create a BMC Remedy AR System regular group (Change group type) for the different levels of access you need defined.
    Use the following direct access URL to open the Group form:
    http://<midTierServer>: <portNumber>/arsys/forms/<arSystemServer>/Group
    For example, create a regular group ( <CMDBAdmin>) that you use for all your BMC Atrium Core administrators. You can also re-use regular groups that you have previously created.
    • For general information about working with groups, see Creating and managing groups .
    • For detailed information about groups in the BMC Atrium Core solution, see Groups installed with BMC Atrium CMDB.
  2. In the Group form, click Append Group to add the <CMDBAdmin> regular group to a computed group (for example, CMDB Console Admin Group).
    For example, your Group Definition would now read:
    Administrator OR CMDBAdmin
  3. Open the Roles form and map a group that you created in step 1 to the Production state of the BMC Atrium Core roles that you want to associate with that group. Use the following direct access URL to open the Roles form:http://<midTierServer>:<portNumber>/arsys/forms/<arSystemServer>/Roles
    Many roles already have groups mapped to them. For example, the CMDB Console Admin role is mapped out-of-the-box to the CMDB Console Admin Group in the Production state.


    If a group is already mapped to the role, add your group to that computed group instead of modifying the mapping.

    • For general information about working with roles, see Creating and mapping roles .
    • For detailed information about roles in the BMC Atrium Core solution, see BMC Atrium Core permission roles within applications.
    • For examples of users with the groups and roles required to accomplish their tasks, see Calbro Services example--BMC Atrium CMDB groups, roles, and users.
  4. Open the User form and create BMC Remedy Action Request System (AR System) users.
    Use the following direct access URL to open the User form:http://<midTierServer>:<portNumber>_ /arsys/forms/<arSystemServer>/User
    In the Group Listfield, select the regular groups associated with the access permissions needed by each user.


    You cannot select a computed group from the Group List field when creating a user. This is why you had to create a regular group and then add it to the group definition of the computed group.

    • For information about the BMC Remedy AR System license types to grant to users of BMC Atrium Core, see BMC Remedy AR System license types required for data access in BMC Atrium Core.
    • For information about creating users, see Creating and managing users .

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