This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Configuring BMC Atrium Service Context cache and data retrieval settings

You can configure some BMC Atrium Service Context behaviors by using a plug-in provided with the BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_UIComponent form. This form also allows you to disable or enable caching, and to configure certain data retrieval settings. You make changes to the plug-in by editing configuration strings in the ComponentString field.

Configuration parameters

The following table describes the BMC Atrium Service Context configuration parameters and their default settings.

BMC Atrium Service Context configuration parameters

Parameter name



The interval (in seconds) when configuration data is refreshed. Changes you make to parameters take affect at the next refresh interval. The default value is 300 seconds.


Determines whether attributes belonging to a BMC application are deleted from BMC Atrium Service Context if the application is uninstalled or its web service is unpublished. For example, the Work Orders attribute belongs to the BMC Service Request Management application, so this parameter determines whether Work Orders is deleted from BMC Atrium Service Context if BMC Service Request Management is uninstalled. If this parameter is set to false, the attributes are not deleted. If it is set to true, the attributes are deleted. The default setting is false. For information about attributes and their source applications, see Attributes that are displayed in BMC Atrium Service Context.


The interval (in seconds) when BMC Atrium Service Context is updated with new attributes deployed by BMC applications. The default is 300 seconds. For example, after BMC Service Level Management is installed or its web service is published, this is the amount of time until the SLM Agreements and SLM Service Targets attributes become available for configuration in the Service Context Administration window.


Enables or disables caching of data from service providers. By default, BMC Atrium Service Context only retrieves data from service providers when the data is requested, and only if the data is not already in cache. Frequently accessed CIs will load more quickly than CIs that have not been accessed. If caching is disabled, BMC Atrium Service Context retrieves data from service providers at every request. For example, if caching is disabled and you click Refresh in the Service Context Summary window, data is retrieved directly from service providers. Caching is enabled when this parameter is set to false. Caching is disabled when this parameter is set to true. The default value is false. Disabling caching might result in delayed response times.


The number of levels BMC Atrium Service Context searches to find related CIs. The default value is 3 levels.


The amount of time (in seconds) within which BMC Atrium Service Context tries to retrieve data from service providers. If a provider does not respond within this time, there is a timeout error. Some service providers might consistently require more time. In this case, you can increase this value. The default value is 240 seconds.


The following parameters are used internally and you should not change their default values:

  • cache_timeToLiveSeconds
  • cache_timeToIdleSeconds
  • preload_sc_cache

To configure BMC Atrium Service Context cache and data retrieval settings

  1. Open the BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_UIComponent form using the direct access URL:
  2. Click New Search.
  3. In the ComponentType field, select FederationPluginConfig.
  4. Click Search.
  5. In the search results, select the instance named ID_BMCSERVICECONTEXT_PLUGIN.
  6. Click the edit button next to the ComponentString field.
  7. In the edit window, enter or modify configuration settings by using the following syntax, including angle brackets and forward slashes as shown:
    <UserDefined> <parameter1>value</parameter1> <parameter2>value</parameter2> ... </UserDefined>

    For example, to change the value of the max_search_related_levels parameter to 2, enter:

    For an explanation of each configuration parameter, see the following table.
  8. Click OK in the edit window.
  9. Save the instance.

    Your changes take effect according to the configuration refresh interval specified in the configuration settings (default 5 minutes). You do not need to restart the BMC Remedy AR System Server service.
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