This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Configuring BMC Atrium CMDB Engine Logging

This topic explains how to configure logging information for the BMC Atrium CMDB engine using the CMDB Administration console. The CMDB engine dynamically updates the logging configuration changes you make and you do not require to restart the AR System server for any change to take effect. Centralized Configuration System avoids file system access for making the logging related changes. For more information, see Centralized Configuration.

To configure logging information for BMC Atrium CMDB engine and for CMDB REST services

  1. On the AR System Home page, go to Atrium Core > CMDB Administration to open the CMDB Administration console.
  2. Click Logging > Log Settings and modify the values for the following fields. 

      FieldName in the AR Configuration (ar.cfg or ar.conf) fileDescription
    Logging LevelCMDB-Logging-LevelSpecifies the CMDB log level. For more information about log levels, see Understanding Log Levels.
    Default value: WARN
    Log File NameCMDB-Log-File-NameSpecifies the name of the CMDB log file.
    Default values:  

    l For BMC Atrium CMDB engine cmdb_eng_debug_log.log 

    l For CMBD REST services cmdb_service.log

    Log File Location


    Specifies the path on the server where the log file is saved.

    Default value: The path of the <Server Directory>


    This value retrieved when GetServerInformation function is called with ID 13.

    Maximum Log File Size (MB)


    Specifies the maximum size of the log file.

    When the log file reaches the file size limit, it is renamed and a new log file is created. The older files are not automatically deleted. For example, if the log file is named cmdb_eng_debug_log.log, the older files are named cmdb_eng_debug_log.log.1 and cmdb_eng_debug_log.log.2.

    Default value: 250 MB

    Number of Backup FilesCMDB-Number-Of-Backup-FilesSpecifies the number of backup CMDB log files to be maintained. Default value: 10
    Log Per ThreadCMDB-Log-Per-Thread

    Creates separate log file for each thread of API/SQL/Filter Logs.

    Default value: False

  3. Click Apply, then click Close.

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