This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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CMDBStartJobRun function

The CMDBStartJobRun function starts an existing Reconciliation Engine job. Before starting a job, make sure the job is defined and exists in the Active state. If no job for the specified job name exists or the job is not Active, the CMDBStartJobRun function returns an error. Only one instance of a specific job can be executed at a given time.


#include "ar.h"
#include "arextern.h"
#include "cmdb.h"

int CMDBStartJobRun(
      ARControlStruct *control,
      ARNameType jobName,
      CMDBClassQualList *classQualList,
      CMDBREDatasetList *datasetList
      ARNameType jobRunId,
      ARStatusList *status)

Input arguments

Input argument



The control record for the operation, which contains information about the user requesting the operation and the server on which the operation is to be performed.


The name of the reconciliation job.


The list of class qualifications with which to substitute the Qualification group defined for the job. In the qualification list, specify the class ID and the qualification that applies to it, for example:"BMC_ComputerSystem", {"1", "('ReconciliationId' = NULL AND'CreateDate' > ($TIMESTAMP$ - 86400))"}.


The list of dataset pairs, where the first one represents the substitution dataset (working dataset) and the second represents the dataset defined in the Reconciliation Engine job (defined dataset), for example: "2", {"BMC.IMPORT.CONFIG", BMC.SAMPLE"}.

Return values

Return value



A unique job identifier.


A list of zero or more notes, warnings, or errors generated from a call of this function.

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