This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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CMDBQueryResultGraph structure

The CMDBQueryResultGraph structure is used to return the query results in a list or a graph format depending on the format requested.

typedef struct CMDBQueryResultGraph
   unsigned int numItems;
   unsigned int *numMatches;
   ARNameList aliasOrderForListFormat;
      CMDBInstanceList *instanceListList;
      CMDBGraphQueryResult *graphQueryResult;
   } u;
} CMDBQueryResultGraph;

The CMDBQueryResultGraph structure consists of the following elements:


The format in which to return the CI and relationships that match the query criteria.

  • 0 --The query results are returned in a list or linear format (CMDB_QUERY_RESULT_STRUCT_FORMAT_LIST ).
  • 1 --The query results are divided in two parts: a list of CI nodes and a list of relationship edges, which helps in constructing a CI and relationship graph (CMDB_QUERY_RESULT_STRUCT_FORMAT_CMDB_GRAPH ).
  • 2 --The query results are returned in a graph format if the number of rows that matches the criteria is within the chunk size. The results are returned in a list format if the number of rows that matches is greater than the chunk size (CMDB_QUERY_RESULT_STRUCT_FORMAT_CHUNK_BASED ).


An integer value indicating the number of CMDBInstanceList items returned by the query if the format type requested is CMDB_QUERY_RESULT_STRUCT_FORMAT_LIST.


A pointer to the numMatches member that holds the number of CI and relationship instances that the query matched. This member contains a NULL value if the numMatches member of the CMDBQueryStruct structure is set to FALSE.


The order of query object aliases to which the row of instances belong in the results that are returned.

For example, if you specify alias order as "personqueryobj, computersqueryobj, monitorsqueryobj" in the selector list and instruct the query to return instance IDs for them, the alias order associates the instances IDs in the result row with query object in the selector list.

The alias order is applicable only to the list format type.


The list of CMDBInstanceList structures that hold the CIs and relationships returned by the query in a list or linear format.


A pointer to the top-level query result structure that holds the query results if the format type requested is CMDB_QUERY_RESULT_STRUCT_FORMAT_CMDB_GRAPH.

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