This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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CMDBQueryQualifierSimpleOpStruct structure

The CMDBQueryQualifierSimpleOpStruct structure holds the attribute and the right operand for a SIMPLE type of operation.

typedef struct CMDBQueryQualifierSimpleOpStruct
   unsigned int operation;
   ARNameType attribute;
   CMDBQueryQualifierValueStruct *operandRight;
} CMDBQueryQualifierSimpleOpStruct;

The CMDBQueryQualifierSimpleOpStruct structure consists of the following elements:


An integer value indicating the type of relational or inequality operation to perform in the query.

  • 1 --Equal to (=) (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_SIMPLEOP_EQUAL ).
  • 2 --Greater than (>) (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_SIMPLEOP_GREATER ).
  • 3 --Greater than or equal to (> =) (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_SIMPLEOP_GREATER_EQUAL ).
  • 4 --Less than (<) (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_SIMPLEOP_LESS ).
  • 5 --Less than or equal to (< =) (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_SIMPLEOP_LESS_EQUAL ).
  • 6 --Not equal to (!=) (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_SIMPLEOP_NOT_EQUAL ).


The name of the attribute in the qualification that should match a specific value, for example, ClassName =BMC_ComputerSystem. In this example, ClassName will be specified in attribute.


A pointer to the CMDBQueryQualifierValueStruct, which specifies the type of qualifier operand that appears to the right of the relational or inequality operator.

  • 1 -- The right operand is a value, for example, ClassName = BMC_ComputerSystem. In this example, BMC_ComputerSystem will be specified in operandRight (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_VALUE_TYPE_VALUE ).
  • 2 -- The right operand is an attribute name, which can be of the current query object class or of another class, for example, ClassName = A1.ClassName. In this example, A1.ClassName will be specified in operandRight (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_VALUE_TYPE_ATTRIBUTENAME ).
  • 3 -- The right operand is an arithmetic expression, for example, QtyInStock = 90/100. In this example, the arithmetic operator / will be specified in the operandRight (CMDB_QUERY_QUAL_VALUE_TYPE_ARITHMETIC ).

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