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CMDBClassRelationship structure

The CMDBClassRelationship structure holds the relationship information of the CI classes.

typedef struct CMDBClassRelationship
   CMDBClassNameID relClassNames[2];
   ARNameType roleNames[2];
   unsigned int cardinality;
   ARBoolean isRole2WeakReference;
   CMDBWeakPropagatedAttrsList weakPropagatedAttrsList;
   ARBoolean cascadeDelete;
} CMDBClassRelationship;

The CMDBClassRelationship structure consists of the following elements:


The names of the two classes that are a part of the relationship.


The role names for the two classes that are a part of the relationship.


An integer identifying the cardinality of the relationship between the related classes:

  • 1 --One-to-one, one instance of a class is associated with a single instance of another class (CMDB_CLASS_RELATIONSHIP_CARDINALITY_1 ).
  • 2 --Many-to-one, one or more instances of a class are associated with one instance of another class (CMDB_CLASS_RELATIONSHIP_CARDINALITY _MANY_1 ).
  • 3 --One-to-many, one instance of a class is associated with one or more instances of another class (CMDB_CLASS_RELATIONSHIP_CARDINALITY_1 _MANY ).
  • 4 --Many-to-many, many instances of a class are associated with many instances of another class (CMDB_CLASS_RELATIONSHIP_CARDINALITY _MANY_MANY ).


A Boolean value indicating whether role 2 is a weak reference:

  • TRUE --The role 2 class is a weak reference. Role 2 is a weak entity and it uses role 1's primary key as part of its own key. If the value is TRUE, cardinality must be one-to-one or many-to-many.
  • FALSE --The role 2 class is not a weak reference.


If the value of isRole2WeakReference is TRUE, indicates the list of attributes that are propagated from the role 1 class to the role 2 class.


A Boolean value indicating the type of delete allowed between the related classes:

  • TRUE --A cascade delete is allowed. Deleting an instance in one class also deletes the instance in the related class.
  • FALSE --A cascade delete is not allowed.
  • This item is applicable only for one-to-one and one-to-many relationships.

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