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Validating the custom Product Catalog data

When all the data has been loaded into the staging forms, you must validate the data using the Data Import - Custom console.

To validate the custom Product Catalog data

  1. Open the PDL:ESIDImportConsoleCustom form.
    Use the following direct-access URL to open the PDL:ESIDImportConsoleCustom form:
  2. Click the Validate tab.
  3. Select the type of file to validate (in the left column), and then click the Validate Data button.

The dataStatus field in each entry is set to Validated after successful validation. If the dataStatus field is set to Invalid, check the Short Description field for the description of the violation.

The following table lists the integrity checks done during validation.

Integrity checks

Form name



  • Manufacturer is associated with an application or suite
  • Manufacturer Country exists in the CFG:Geography Country form


File is referenced in the app/files table


  • Files are associated with this application
  • Main.exe file exists in the File table
  • Manufacturer exists in the Manufacturer table


  • Application exists in Application table
  • File exists in File table


Suite is referenced in Suite/Apps table


  • Application exists in Application table
  • Suite exists in the Suite table

Performing post-validation on the PDL:ESIDmanufacturerCustom staging form

This procedure applies to an installation of DML with a BMC Remedy IT Service Management application, and not a standalone installation with other BMC products. Search on the PDL:ESIDmanufacturerCustom form with country = " ". Any matching entries must be modified manually by using this procedure.

Use the following direct access URL to open the PDL:ESIDmanufacturerCustom form:


To perform the post-validation step

  1. From the CFG:Geography Country form, locate the entry that corresponds to the country code.
    Use the direct URL:
  2. Change the status for that entry to ENABLED.
  3. For the matching entry, copy the country name, and enter it in the PDL:ESIDmanufacturer entry, where country = " ".

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