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Upgrading components and patches for the mid tier

Before you install the mid tier, install the following components. See the pre-installation considerations (if any) for these components in the sections that follow.

Components to install before you install the mid tier


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Java Software Developer's Kit (SDK) with the public Java runtime environment (JRE)

An SDK that is available from the appropriate third-party vendor's site.

Web server

For a list of the compatible web application servers, see

BMC Remedy AR System server

The AR System server can be installed locally, but the mid tier is typically installed on a separate computer with network access to the server.

(Optional) Reporting tool

If you are running Crystal Reports on the web, install one of the following tools:

  • BusinessObjects Enterprise XI (recommended)
  • Crystal Reports Server XICrystal Web Component Server (which requires advance configuration) is available from If this server is installed remotely, you must share the mid tier installation directory with the remote Crystal Server, specifying the full path to this directory. Make a note of this directory path if you are accessing Crystal Web Component Server over a network.

(Optional) Home Page server

The home page form displays entry points on a given server or server group. The home-page server must be a AR System server and can be configured as a home-page server.

(Optional) Preference server

The preference server must be a AR System server, must be configured to be a preference server, and must be entered in the list of AR System servers.

(Optional) JavaServer Pages (JSP) engine

If you are not using the Tomcat JSP engine that is bundled with the mid tier installation, you must install and enable your supported JSP engine before you install the mid tier. For a list of supported JSP engines, see

The appropriate patches for your configuration

See the Downloads & Patches link at

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