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Understanding the BMC Remedy Mid Tier (upgrades)


For best results, install BMC Remedy Mid Tier on a separate computer from the AR System server.

You can install the mid tier on UNIX or Micrososft Windows with the Tomcat JSP engine, which is bundled with the mid tier. That is the most common method. Or you can install the mid tier only and use your own JSP engine.


BMC Remedy Mid Tier requires 32-bit JVM if the web server is 32-bit or is running in 32-bit mode. You can specify this exception in the installer if required for your installation.

BMC recommends that you use the BMC Remedy AR System suite installer to install the mid tier. Alternatively, you can use a .war file that is bundled with the installer files. (A .war file is available for each supported web server.)

Review the following topics to prepare to install the mid tier:

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