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Setting the cache refresh interval

The BMC Atrium CMDB caches metadata to provide faster performance. This data includes classes, attributes, indexes, datasets, and federated links.

Updates that you make to datasets and federated links by using their BMC Remedy AR System forms or the BMC Atrium Core Console are not available in BMC Atrium CMDB until the cache is refreshed.

Updates that you make to classes, attributes, and indexes by using the Class Manager are automatically cached when updates finish synchronizing with the BMC Remedy AR System.

Updates that you make to any of these types of metadata by using API calls are automatically cached and available immediately.

By default, the cache is refreshed every five minutes. You can set this interval by editing a line in the BMC Remedy AR System configuration file, as described in the following procedure. When one server in a server group is updated, other servers in the group are not updated until the refresh interval is reached.

To set the cache refresh interval

  1. Open for editing the configuration file for the BMC Remedy AR System server where BMC Atrium CMDB is installed.
    • On Windows, this file is <arServerInstall>\CONF\ar.cfg.
    • On UNIX, this file is <arServerInstall>/conf/ar.conf.
  2. On the CMDB-Cache-Refresh-Interval line, set the value in seconds for the interval at which the cache is refreshed.
    For example, to refresh the cache every two minutes, set the line to read
    CMDB-Cache-Refresh-Interval: 120
    If this line does not exist, create it.

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