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Running cmdbdriver from the command line

Run cmdbdriver from the command line to be prompted sequentially for each parameter needed to run your command.

Before you begin

  • Compile the source code or locate the prebuilt program supplied with the API.
  • Be prepared to provide the necessary login information and perform initialization operations for connecting to BMC Atrium Core.

To run the cmdbdriver program from the command line

  1. Start the cmdbdriver program with the appropriate steps for your platform:

    • Microsoft Windows: In C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMC Atrium Core\cmdb\sdk\bin, double-click cmdbdriver.exe.
    • UNIX: In <AtriumCoreInstallationDirectory>/cmdb/sdk/bin, type the command: /

      Shared libraries required by the cmdbdriver program are added to the library path for the cmdbdriver session. The cmdbdriver program sets the library path variable according to your UNIX platform:

      UNIX platform

      Variable name

      Solaris and Linux






  2. Initialize an API session with the init command.
  3. Type log at the prompt.
  4. Specify the login parameters one at a time:
    1. Type a valid user name and password.
    2. Type the name of your server.

      You can skip the other parameters.
  5. In the command prompt, type the abbreviation of the function and provide the appropriate input parameter values.

    For example, the following cmdbdriver commands import class definitions for the BMC_ComputerSystem and BMC_SystemComponent classes from the ImportClasses.txt file. Because the user specifies a value of 1 for the Import Option prompt, cmdbdriver returns an error if these classes already exist.

    Command: impdf
    Import Item List:
    Number of import items (0): 2
       Item Type: (Class, Attribute) (1-2) (1): 1
       Class Type
          Class Name
          Namespace (): BMC.CORE
          Class Name (): BMC_ComputerSystem
       Item Type: (Class, Attribute) (1-2) (1): 1
       Class Type
          Class Name
          Namespace (): BMC.CORE
          Class Name (): BMC_SystemComponent
    Import Option : Create/Overwrite (1-2) (1): 1
    Filename containing import data: C:\ImportClasses.txt


    Use the help command ( h or ? ) to display cmdbdriver commands.

  6. When you are finished using the cmdbdriver, type e or q to exit the program.

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