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Product categorization

Product categorization is leveraged by multiple BMC applications. By understanding the product-specific use of categorization, you can determine the impact when setting up product categorization or when making additions and changes to the product category structure.

Whether you are setting up the product categorization from scratch or fine-tuning product categorization to fit your needs, the BMC recommendations can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Categorization values provided in the Mapping Your Data to BMC Atrium CMDB Classes document have been defined using experience gained during many service management implementations. These categorization values include a variety of hardware products. The Product Catalog data provided by BMC also has software categorization values for categorization Tier 3 that are determined by using industry standard categories based on IDC Software Taxonomy. You can use these values to more quickly implement any of the applications that use product categorization.

The Mapping Your Data to BMC Atrium CMDB Classes document is listed with other BMC Atrium Core documents at PDFs.

The following topics are provided:

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