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Overview of the data transfer process

To transfer data into BMC Atrium CMDB, follow the process outlined in the following steps.

Each step represents a procedure. In the section that relates to each procedure, the graphic is repeated, and the related step is highlighted.

  1. Configure source and target connection.
    You must define connection parameters (such as host name, port number, user name, and password) to your external data store and BMC Atrium CMDB. After you create a connection, you can reuse it for multiple transformations or jobs. For instructions, see Working with Atrium Integrator data store connections.
  2. Create a job or transformation.
    The Integration Job Builder wizard guides you through the process of creating a job or transformation. After you specify the source and the CIs that you want to import, the wizard makes recommendations on the relationships for the selected CIs. For instructions, see Creating a job in Atrium Integrator.
    You can also create a job in the BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon application. For instructions, see the Spoon User Guide at
  3. Edit your transformation or job in BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon.
    You can add intermediate steps for cleaning up or manipulating your data before adding it to BMC Atrium CMDB. BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon provides support for JavaScript and a variety of prebuilt functions. For instructions, see Editing Atrium Integrator jobs and transformations.
  4. Verify and run your job. If the job completes without any errors, verify that the data has been added to the appropriate BMC Atrium CMDB class. If the job displays error messages, debug the job and run it again. For instructions, see Running an Atrium Integrator job
  5. Monitor your jobs.
    After you create and run your job, you can monitor it. The Atrium Integrator console displays the job run information. For information, see Monitoring jobs in Atrium Integrator

Scenario for transferring data to BMC Atrium CMDB takes you through the complete data transfer process for a sample scenario.

Preparing to transfer data

To prepare data to transfer into BMC Atrium CMDB, follow the process outlined in the following steps:

  1. Create a new source dataset to which you can migrate your source data. Datasets help in categorizing data by providers. You can then reconcile your dataset with BMC.ASSET.
  2. Create index entries on the BMC_BaseElement class in the Class Manager application to improve the performance of Atrium Integrator.
    For instructions, see Specifying class indexes from the Class Manager.

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  1. Yun Xu

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      Hello Yun,

      Thank you for noticing this. I have corrected the spelling mistake.


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