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Migrating normalization jobs and settings

The following topics are provided:

Exporting and importing normalization settings

When migrating (for example, from a development to production environment), you can export and import the following normalization settings:

  • Dataset normalization settings
  • CMDB class and attribute settings
  • Job schedules
  • Product Catalog alias mapping

The settings for Normalization System Configuration are not exported, including logging, RPC Queue, and Threads and Connections settings.

The normalization configuration is saved as XML to your computer's clipboard, which you can then paste into a file.

Import options for duplicate entries

Import option


Discard Duplicate Entries

Any configuration settings in the imported data that match existing settings are not imported. All other imported settings overwrite existing ones. If settings are the same in the imported and existing configurations, the existing settings are used.

Replace Duplicate Entries

If settings are the same in the imported and existing configurations, the imported settings are used.

To export normalization settings

  1. In the Normalization console, click Export Configuration.
  2. In Select Export Options, click options to exclude or include in the XML.
    The XML is generated automatically.
  3. Click Save to copy the XML configuration information to your system clipboard.
  4. Open or create a file in a text editor, and paste the copied XML data.

To import normalization settings

  1. From a saved file or from the Export Normalization Configuration dialog box, copy the XML configuration data.
  2. In the Normalization console, click Import Configuration.
  3. In the XML input for Import area, paste the XML data.
  4. Click Import.
  5. When the import message appears, click Close.

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