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Managing access to jobs in the Atrium Integrator console

When you create a job in the Atrium Integrator console, the Public permission is assigned to that job and the generated transformations by default. Therefore, users with access to the Atrium Integrator console can view the jobs and transformations that have been created by other users. To restrict access to the jobs and transformations, you must manually set the permissions by using the UDM:PermissionInfo form. You must be assigned to the UDM Administrator role to configure the access permissions for jobs or transformations. Also, ensure that the same permissions are configured for a job and the transformations that are part of that job.

To configure access permissions for a job or transformation

  1. In a browser, open the UDM:PermissionInfo form in a Search mode.

    UDM:PermissionInfo form
  2. Search for the job or transformation for which you want to configure permissions.
  3. From the Permissions list, select the group or role to which you want to restrict access.
  4. Click Save.

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