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Getting started with BMC Atrium Core Maintenance Tool

The Common Install Framework is a common installation program used by many BMC products. Products using the Common Install Framework install the Maintenance Tool.

This section has information about:

The Maintenance Tool includes the following features:

  • Log Zipper — Collects product versions, logs, and environment information.
  • Health Check — Tests features of the product.
  • Log Viewers — Views logs or configuration files in a special viewer.
  • (optional) Configuration — Enables product specific logs or configuration.

Version and Compatibility of Log Zipper and Maintenance Tool

The Maintenance Tool and Log Zipper are installed and upgraded with the product. They cannot be installed or upgraded independent from the product. The Registry Version and Model Version are different from the product version.

The features available in the Maintenance Tool are determined by:

  • Version of Common Install Framework
  • Version of the product which uses them
  • Features utilized by the product

The Log Zipper output file generated by an earlier version of the Maintenance Tool can be viewed by a later version of the Maintenance Tool.

The Registry Version in the ProductRegistry.xml file and the Model Version in the OperatingSystemData.xml file indicate the version of the Log Zipper used to create the file. In general, it is easier to note the version of the product in the Product Registry to know what features are available in the Maintenance Tool, and ignore the Registry Version and Model Version.

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