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Defining options for the Service Catalog

Like request actions, options are visible to end users and define the flexibility of your services. An option might be one particular customization, such as an email inbox capacity of 250 MB, where a request action might be a bundle of options, such as storage and backup options. For example, a mobile cell plan can offer a bundle of options, such as unlimited messages, call forwarding, and a data plan, or a user can select each of them as individual options as needed.

In the Service Catalog, you can use options for the service offerings and request actions. An option has one or more choices, each of which has cost and price information. These options and their choices are used when end-users make a request in a request console, such as BMC Service Request Management. They are managed separately from offerings because they do not rely on a specific offering. You can reuse options across offerings.

To create an option and option choices

  1. In the Service Catalog, click Options Editor.


    While editing a service offering or request action, you can also open the Options Editor in the Options tab.

    Options Editor
  2. In the Options area, click New Option.
  3. In the New Option window, enter a name and description for the option.
  4. For Option Type, select whether the option is for request definition, post-deploy action, or any request.
    • Any Request (the default) — Available as an option for request actions and service offerings.
    • Request Definition — Available as an option for service offerings.
    • Post-Deploy Action — Available as an option for request actions.
  5. Click OK.
    The new option is listed, and you can create option choices for it.
  6. To allow users to select more than one choice for an option, select the Multi-Select check box.
    By default, Multi-Select is not enabled, and users can select only one choice per option.
  7. In the Option Choices area, click New Option Choice.
  8. In the New Option Choice window, enter a name and description for the option choice.

    Option Choice
  9. Set the Customer Price or Delivery Cost.
    For detailed instructions, see Adding a customer price or delivery cost to an option, service, or request action.
  10. In the New Option Choice window, click OK.
    The new option choice is listed.
  11. To change the order of the choices, select a choice, and click the move up or down button.
    Customers will see the order of choices that you have defined.
  12. To make a choice the default, select the Pre-Select check box.
  13. Create options and choices as needed.
  14. In the Option Editor, click OK.


    You must click OK in the Options Editor to save changes to the options and choices.

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