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Datasets used by Atrium Integrator

A dataset is a logical group of data in BMC Atrium CMDB. It is a collection of Configuration Item (CIs) and relationships for a given purpose. A dataset can represent data from a particular source or a snapshot from a particular date. The primary purpose of datasets is to partition data according to the data providers. Each discovery application that you use should store the data it collects in a separate dataset. You can also use datasets for any other logical group of data.

All CIs and relationships in BMC Atrium CMDB reside in a particular dataset, which is specified by the value of their DatasetID attribute.

BMC discovery products and BMC Asset Management provide the default datasets in BMC Atrium CMDB, as shown in the following table.

Default datasets in BMC Atrium CMDB

Data created by

Dataset name



BMC Asset



BMC Sample


BMC Asset Management



BMC BladeLogic Client Automation

BMC Configuration Import (User-defined)


BMC Server Automation



BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping



The BMC Asset dataset is used as the production dataset and is used by BMC products for reconciled data. The Reconciliation Engine merges data from multiple import datasets in the BMC Asset dataset. Data consumers should use this consolidated view of your data and you should base your business decisions on the data in this dataset.


It is recommended to not use Atrium Integrator to transfer data directly into the BMC Asset dataset. Instead, transfer the data into staging dataset and then reconcile it into BMC Asset dataset.

If you use a third-party product to discover products, you should create a different dataset to bring in this data. For information about creating datasets, see Creating datasets in the Reconciliation console.

For more information about configuring datasets, see Configuring normalization settings for datasets.


/ (forward slash) is not accepted in dataset id name as the directory name is set as the dataset id name. If you use /, what follows after the / is treated as a new directory and the data set tries to identify the directory ID for that and returns null because no such directory exists.  However, you can use other special characters in data set ID name.

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