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Creating new services for the Service Catalog

A service is the utility that an organization provides and is defined by its service offerings, request actions, and service level targets. For example, the Calbro IT organization offers an email service, which includes gold and silver service offerings that have service level targets based on response times.

In the Service Catalog, a service must have at least one service offering and can have one or more request actions. For more information, see Creating a service offering in the Service Catalog and Creating a request action in the Service Catalog.

When you create a service, it is saved to BMC.ASSET dataset.


To make sure that your business service configuration items (CIs) appear in the Service Catalog, use the Service Catalog to create them. The Service Catalog displays only instances of BMC_BusinessService where the ServiceType attribute is set to "BusinessService" or "TechnicalService", and it correctly sets this attribute when creating a CI. Other BMC interfaces that create business service CIs, such as BMC Atrium Explorer or BMC Impact Model Designer, do not correctly set the value for ServiceType. If an existing business service CI does not appear in the Service Catalog, edit the value of ServiceType to make it appear. To avoid potential issues with reconciliation and promotion, do not create service CIs with duplicate names.

To create a service

  1. In the Service Catalog, click Create a new service.

    Creating a new service
  2. Enter the service name.
  3. For Type, select a service type.
    • Business service — Services that customers use and that shows the customer view of services, such as email or an online store.
    • Technical service — Supporting IT and infrastructure resources required to support business services that are not visible to customers, such as servers, applications, and network CIs.
  4. Enter a description of the service.
  5. Click Save to create the service.

After creating a service, define a service offering. For more information, see Creating a service offering in the Service Catalog.

For technical services, you can use the Map IT Resources to use queries to associate CIs with technical services. For more information, see Using a CI query to create dynamic service models.

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