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Creating, modifying, or deleting classes with the Class Manager

You use the Class Manager to add, modify, or remove classes in your data model.


Do not use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to modify classes and attributes directly on class forms. Modifying the BMC Atrium CMDB data model requires more than just editing a form, and you might break some functionality.

Federated data and federated relationship classes appear in Class Manager. You can update some properties of a federated class through Class Manager (for example, Author). However, you cannot create attributes in these classes through Class Manager. You modify these classes in Federation Manager, as described in Editing a federated data class and Creating or editing a federated relationship class.


BMC Software recommends that you attempt to use the classes and attributes in the BMC CDM as they were originally defined. However, you might have corporate reasons to extend the data model. You can create your own classes or extend classes by adding attributes, and these changes are preserved across upgrades.
Never modify the core CDM class attributes because upgrades across versions overwrite these customizations. Modifications to the CDM, for example, changing the attribute field length in a class, are not preserved during upgrades.

For recommendations for extending the data model, see Planning to extend the data model. For information about the process for creating or modifying a class, see Process overview for creating or modifying classes.

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