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Creating a request action in the Service Catalog

A request action is the part of a service that end users can see and request. Like a service offering, it combines a service (utility) and a service level target (warranty). But unlike with a service offering, end users can select a request action.

For example, the Calbro IT organization creates the following request actions for its email service:

  • Create a new account.
  • Reset an account password.
  • Increase the inbox size limit.
  • Backup and restore email.

The Calbro Finance group has the silver email service offering. An end user like Patrick Paycheck cannot see or select a service offering, such as gold or silver, but he can select from the request actions. He already has an account but, because he deals with budget requests from several other groups, he needs a higher quota on his inbox size.

In the Service Catalog, services do not require a request action but can have one or more. You can also associate options with a request action.

Before you begin

  • Create a service with at least one service offering.
  • (optional ) Define the options and option choices.

To create a request action

  1. From the Service Catalog, edit or create a service.
  2. Select a service offering.
  3. From the pulldown list for Create a New Service Offering, select New Request Action.

  4. In the General Information tab, enter a name and description for the request action.

    Creating a new request action
  5. To set the One-time Price and Base Delivery Cost, select a monetary unit and amount, and then select the charge type and interval.
  6. In the Options tab, add options to the service offering.
    • You can only select options whose Type is set to Any Request or Post-Deploy Action.
    • The choices for the selected option appear in the Available Options table.
    • To create an option or option choice, click Options Editor.
  7. To create categories for options, follow these steps.
    1. In the Selected Options view, select an option that you have added to the service offering.
    2. In the Category field, type a name for a new category.
    3. Click Add Category.
      The selected option appears in the new category.
    4. To move choices among categories, select an option, and use the arrows to move it up or down in the list.
      If a category is empty, it is deleted.
    5. To delete a category, select it, and click Remove Category.
      The category is removed, and options in that category are moved to the Default Category.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click the Link Request Actions tab on the service to view all the request actions that are currently associated with the global service. For more information, see Creating a service offering in the Service Catalog (step 10).

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