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Creating a Atrium Integrator Delete job

If you select the Delete option in the Integration Job Builder wizard, a separate Delete transformation is created as part of the job. The Delete transformation is triggered immediately after the transformation that transfers the corresponding data to BMC Atrium CMDB is complete.

To create a Delete job that deletes a record from BMC Atrium CMDB only when that record is deleted from the source data source, you must perform the following steps in BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon.

To create a delete job

  1. In the Atrium Integrator Spoon window, select Tools > Repository > Explore.
  2. In the Repository explorer dialog box, click the BMCSAMPLES folder to display the sample jobs and transformations.
  3. Open the BMC_Computer_System_Delete transformation and edit the steps within the transformation based on your requirements.
  4. Save the updated transformation with a different name.
  5. Select File > New > Job to create a new job.
  6. In the navigation panel, click General.
  7. Click START and drag it to the canvas.
  8. Click Transformation and drag it to the canvas.
  9. Double-click the Transformation step.
  10. In the Job entry details for this transformation dialog box, select the Specify by name and directory option.
  11. Browse to select the transformation that you saved in step 4 and click OK.
  12. Create a hop between the START and Transformation steps.
  13. Save the job.


    If the Enable Cache is on for a class when getting data into CMDB then set Enable Cache =Yes in the CMDBInput step, because when a CI gets soft-deleted from CMDB then it has to be removed from the cache as well.

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