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Configuring load balancing for Atrium Integrator

The Atrium Integrator server can be used in a server group environment to distribute the jobs across multiple Atrium Integrator Carte servers. In a BMC Remedy AR System server group environment, you can schedule your jobs to run from different Atrium Integrator Carte servers. This enables you to run multiple jobs at one time and also achieve load balancing.

The following figure illustrates the concept of BMC Remedy AR System server group and multiple Atrium Integrator Carte server support. 

The UDM: Config form contains information about how many BMC Remedy AR System servers are configured in a particular server group and which Atrium Integrator Carte server is associated with each AR server. In Atrium Integrator server group environment, the Carte server on which a job will get executed through Atrium Integrator console depends on the entry available in the UDM:Config form. The AR system server installer creates an entry in UDM:Config form about the Carte server host and port details.The host entry in UDM:Config form must follow the DNS standard.
The UDM:PermissionInfo form contains information about jobs and the associated Atrium Integrator Carte servers they run on.

When you set up Atrium Integrator in server group environment, consider the following points:


Fail-over is not supported for BMC Remedy AR System servers.

  • You must also ensure that you have installed the Atrium Integrator Carte server and Atrium Integrator Spoon components in a server group environment. When you install the Atrium Integrator server on each server within the server group environment, the CMDB plug-ins are deployed on the servers. For more information, see Installing Atrium Integrator server in a server group.
  • When you create a job by using the Integration Job Builder wizard in a server group environment, you have to select the appropriate Atrium Integrator Carte server on the Schedule page. If you run a job in the Atrium Integrator console, the job runs on the Atrium Integrator Carte of BMC Remedy AR System server that you access through the mid-tier server. You can change the Atrium Integrator Carte server by scheduling the job to a run on a different Atrium Integrator Carte server. For more information, see Managing a Atrium Integrator job schedule.


BMC recommends that you do not run the same job on multiple Atrium Integrator Carte servers within the server group environment. 

  • In Atrium Integrator server group environment, the cache is created on the the server from where you execute a job. For example, if server A is the primary server and server B is the secondary server, and if you execute the job from server B, the cache is created on server B. 
    If you schedule a job on a server with the cache enabled and then schedule the same job on another server within the server group, you must manually copy the cache to the second server to avoid a negative impact on the performance.
  • When you create or run CSV or XML jobs in a server group, make sure, the files are physically present at the same location on all the BMC Remedy AR System servers in the server group.
  • If you have a load balancer configured and if you want to run the job on the load balancer content server (midtier), you must update the load balancer content server (midtier) entry in the UDM:RAppPassword form.

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  1. Yoko Inori

    UDM:RApPassword should be UDM:RAppPassword

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    1. Hemant Baliwala

      Thanks for the comment, Yoko. 

      I have updated the topic. 



      Jul 15, 2014 01:01
  2. Jan Sierens

    I guess it is the arserver instead of the midtier that needs to be present in UDM:RAppPassword

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