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Configuring BMC Atrium web services registry for AR system server group

BMC Atrium Core does not provide load-balancing support for BMC Atrium web services components in an AR System server group environment. Instead, you can configure the AR System server group for providing redundancy capabilities to the web services components. For this, you need to update the BMC Atrium web services registry on the secondary servers.

To configure BMC Atrium web services registry for AR system server group

  1. On the secondary AR system server, go to General > Server information > WS Registry Integration.
  2. Enter the Web service registry location.
  3. Enter the Registry Admin User name.
  4. Enter the Registry Admin password.
  5. Click Update Registry
  6. Click OK.

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  1. Todd Lazar

    The screen shot in step 1 (and the corresponding config page) states to configure this with http://<server>:<port>  then step 2 says http://<hostname>:<port>/uddi  which is correct?  It is helpful when providing screen shots that they are filled in rather than just the blank screens

    Sep 04, 2014 09:24
    1. Devendra Yadav

      Hello Richard,

      Thank you for pointing out this issue. The correct registry location is http://<hostname>:<portNumber>/uddi. We will update the screenshot with the correct sample value.


      Sep 05, 2014 05:41