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Common Data Model enhancements in version 8.1.00

BMC_ComputerSystem has a new attribute, PartitionId. BMC_BaseElement has two new attributes, CheckSumValue and LicensingType.


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

BMC_ComputerSystem PartitionId attribute

The BMC_ComputerSystem PartitionId attribute is used as a unique identifier for a partition in a hardware partitioning-based hypervisor.

A partition represents a virtual server which is a completely independent logical portion of a single server. The logical portion of the single server is based on a fractional allocation of the hardware resources of that server. Hypervisors guarantee that all partitions have unique PartitionId identifiers.


These identifiers are not globally unique.

BMC_BaseElement CheckSumValue attribute

The BMC_BaseElement CheckSumValue attribute is used to store checksum values calculated using the SHA-1 algorithm in AI (Atrium Integrator).

CheckSumValue is used for conditional data updates in the CMDB when the provider of the data, such as a discovery, does not have the capability to provide changed data with every data load into the import dataset. A checksum value is calculated for all the mapped attributes with every configuration item (CI) in the CMDB and is compared with checksum value of imported data to determine whether the CI has changed or not.

BMC_BaseElement LicenseType attribute

The BMC_BaseElement LicenseType attribute is used to define the type of license used in the license computation model. LicensingType applies to a wide range of CIs such as software, applications, databases, operating systems, and hardware. For example, a Windows operating system CI could have one of the three values for this field: Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, or Datacenter Edition. For an Oracle database software CI, the value of this field could be Oracle Standard Edition, Oracle Enterprise Edition, and so on.

Based on the value contained in this field for a CI, a specific license model is used for license calculations for that CI.

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