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Changes to the BMC Atrium CMDB 7.5.00 Common Data Model

The following CI classes were added to the CDM in BMC Atrium CMDB 7.5.00:

New CI classes in BMC Atrium CMDB 7.5.00

CI class



stores information about service offerings that are part of a high-level service


stores information about Service Level Targets (SLTs)


acts as a container object made up of line items that establish a specific agreement between a provider and a customer


stores contract line items that establish specific agreements between the provider and the customer


specifies a single transaction initiated by an end user or system


serves as a logical entity (with associated controls) provided by the host system to allocate and assign resources


represents settings that specifically relate to an allocated resource that is outside the scope of the CIM class (which is typically used to represent the resource itself)


defines the virtual aspects of a virtual system through a set of virtualization-specific properties


represents additional attributes of a given CI that are not part of the CI type definition

The following relationship classes were added to the CDM in BMC Atrium CMDB 7.5.00:

New relationship classes in BMC Atrium CMDB 7.5.00

Relationship class



represents a generic association used to establish impact relationships between objects


represents the association between ManagedElements and applicable setting data


defines the relationship between the business service and the offering


defines the relationship between the offering and the Service Level Target


defines the relationship between the contract and the contract line item

The BMC_VirtualSystem class was removed. The VirtualSystemType attribute from the removed class was added to BMC_ComputerSystem. The TotalMemory attribute was deleted. Your virtual system information should be stored in BMC_ComputerSystem.

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