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Atrium Integrator value proposition

Your IT management data resides in multiple repositories-for example, in an SQL table, an XML file, and a discovery dataset. You want to load this data into BMC Atrium CMDB.

Atrium Integrator is an ETL tool wherein, it enables you to extract, transform, and load data.

You can use Atrium Integrator to load data from multiple external data stores into BMC Atrium CMDB. You can define how external data maps to BMC Atrium CMDB and transform external data using various rules.

With Atrium Integrator, you can schedule and perform bulk data transfers. You can also use Atrium Integrator for initial data loading, incremental data transfers, and data synchronization. For example, you can use Atrium Integrator to synchronize IT data from a discovery application with BMC Atrium CMDB, where it can be reconciled with data from other sources to your production dataset.

During data transfers, Atrium Integrator identifies the records to be transferred and performs some or all of the following tasks, depending on how you have configured your integration:

  • Extract records
  • Creates new records
  • Updates records
  • Deletes records
  • Transforms data (such as concatenating fields)

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