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Atrium Integrator terminology

The complete process of transferring data from an external source (for example, an XML file) to a BMC Atrium CMDB CI class is referred to as an integration.

The following terms are used in Atrium Integrator to describe the various aspects of an integration:

  • A transformation is the combination of steps and hops that make an integration between source and target data stores possible. It reads data from the source data store, transforms it according to the rules that you specify, and stores it in the target data store.
  • A transformation consists of a series of steps. Steps define the input and output data stores as well the clean up or adjustment actions that you might want to perform on the data before adding it to BMC Atrium CMDB.
  • Steps are connected by hops, which indicate the direction of the data flow.
  • A job defines the order in which a series of transformations are run so that the dependencies of the individual transformations are met.
  • A repository is a relational database in which you can store your transformations and jobs. You can also use a repository to store the logs that are generated when executing transformations and jobs.

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