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Atrium Integrator enhancements in version 8.1.00

BMC Atrium Core 8.1.00 includes the following enhancements for Atrium Integrator:


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

You can create custom relationships using Integration Job Builder wizard

Using Integration Job Builder wizard, you can create new relationships, custom relationships, and relate CIs that belong to the same class. This enhancement enables more flexibility for using BMC Atrium CMDB. The following enhancements are made:

  • You can now select custom CIs from the CI Type Selection page. For more information, see Selecting CI types to transfer.
  • You can create custom relationships through the CI Type Relationships page. For more information, see Creating custom relationships
    Updated CI Type Relationships page
  • You don't need to update custom relationships information manually in CMDB:DataModelReference_RelationshipName form.

You can configure checksum value for loading data into BMC Atrium CMDB 

To achieve parity with BMC Atrium Integration Engine, Atrium Integrator is enhanced to allow setting of checksum value for a transformation to load data in BMC Atrium CMDB. If you configure the checksum value, a checksum value is calculated at each data transfer. It is then compared with the checksum value from the previous transfer. This option specifies whether all target records are updated, or only those records that have changed in the source as determined by the checksum calculated from the values of all mapped fields. 

Field by field comparison is not done while updating records into BMC Atrium CMDB. Just by referring to the checksum value, decision is made if the record needs to be updated or not. This reduces additional calls made to BMC Atrium CMDB to insert records which, also updates Atrium Integrator's performance. 

In Atrium Integrator, the checksum value is populated using the SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) logic because SHA helps in maintaining higher data integrity.

You can configure a transformation to use checksum value by selecting the Use CheckSum option in the CMDBOutput step of the transformation.

For more information, see Configuring the checksum value for loading data into BMC Atrium CMDB.

Checksum value option in Atrium Integrator in comparison to BMC Atrium Integration Engine

You can migrate schedules and generate a job schedule report

You can migrate schedules from BMC Atrium Integration Engine to Atrium Integrator using the AIE to AI Migration tool. 
You can view the details of the job schedules migrated from BMC Atrium Integration Engine to Atrium Integrator in the SchedulerReport.txt report. This report will help you understand how the schedule is migrated from BMC Atrium Integration Engine and is available in Atrium Integrator.

For more information, see

You can define roles and assign permissions only for Atrium Integrator tasks

To manage permissions to Atrium Integrator you can now assign the following roles to users:

  • AI Admin: Can create jobs, run jobs, delete jobs, monitor jobs, create schedules, create data store connections, and launch BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon


    Though AI Admin user can launch BMC Integrator Spoon, you need to login as AR Admin (base administrator).

  • AI User: Can run jobs, monitor jobs, and schedule jobs

When you assign a user to a particular role, depending on the permissions for that role respective icons are enabled in the Atrium Integrator console. 

To manage these roles, 2 new groups are introduced in BMC Remedy AR System: AI User Group, AI Admin Group.

Users can also login to Atrium Integrator Carte Server using both AI Admin or AI User credentials. 

For more information, see Atrium Integrator permissions.

AI Admin and AI User permissions in Atrium Integrator Console

Enhanced job monitoring and logging

The following enhancements are made in the Atrium Integrator Console for monitoring jobs:

  • View job run status in Atrium Integrator Carte server: When a job is running, View Job Run Status link is displayed in Job Run Details area. Click the link to view the job run status in Atrium Integrator Carte server. The Job Status page in Atrium Integrator Carte server displays status of transformation within the job, details of each step and within the transformation, and details of records within each step. 
  • Simplified logging information: Logging Details section will not display the detailed logging information.It will display information about start and end time of the job, records inserted and updated in BMC Atrium CMDB, and only the error messages in case of a failure.
    This will improve performance of Atrium Integrator to load jobs in the Atrium Integrator console.
  • You can get detailed logging information by using the Export to File option. The logging details are displayed as per the log level you have set.
  • Enhanced transformation run details: The Transformation Run Details section displays transformation run details in a tabular format.

For more information, see Viewing Atrium Integrator job history.

Create CSV or XML datastore connection with remote Atrium Integrator Carte server

In Atrium Integrator Console, you can create a CSV or XML datastore connection with a remote the Atrium Integrator Carte server. The files can reside on the remote Atrium Integrator Carte server,  you don't need to copy them to the BMC Remedy AR system server.

The Manage Data Stores tool is updated to create a data store connection directly with the remote Atrium Integrator Carte server. For more information, see Creating a new data store connection in Atrium Integrator.

To support this capability, Job_FileMetaLoader is added to Atrium Integrator sample jobs. For more information, see Using Atrium Integrator sample jobs.

Enhanced Manage Data Stores tool

Enhanced folder structure

log, conf, and error folder are now available under the ngie folder and not under the bin folder. Updated path for:

  • logs folder is :\ngie\log
  • conf folder is: \ngie\conf
  • error folder is: \ngie\error

Enhanced folder structure

Jobs created in Atrium Integrator are deleted after uninstall

When you uninstall Atrium Integrator 8.1, consider the following:

  • When you upgrade Atrium Integrator jobs from 7.6.04 to 8.1 and if you uninstall Atrium Integrator 8.1, all the jobs you have created in Atrium Integrator 7.6.04 are also deleted. This happens because 7.6.04 jobs are upgraded from a database repository to a form-based repository. Also, AI Admin and AI User permissions are assigned to jobs upgraded from 7.6.04. According to the behavior of Atrium Integrator 8.1, all the jobs are deleted.
  • Jobs created in Atrium Integrator 7.6.04 using Atrium Integrator Spoon are not deleted. If you want to delete such jobs after you uninstall Atrium Integrator 8.1, you must must apply AI Admin or AI User permissions to these jobs through the UDM:Permissionsinfo form.
  • Jobs upgraded from Atrium Integrator 8.0.0 are not deleted because the AI Admin and AI User permissions are not applied to jobs created in 8.0.0. If you want to delete such jobs after you uninstall Atrium Integrator 8.1, you must apply AI Admin or AI User permissions to these jobs through the UDM:Permissionsinfo form.

For more information, see Uninstalling Atrium Integrator.

Manage Job Schedule tool enhancements 

To simply job scheduling process, the Manage Job Schedule tool is enhanced with following enhancements:

  • You create a schedule only for the selected job. You do not need to create a schedule and assign it to different jobs later.
  • If you want to edit job schedules for a selected job, list of existing schedules is displayed. You can select one schedule at a time and edit it.

Enhanced Manage Job Schedule tool

For more information, see the following topics:

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