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Simulating the impact of changes to CIs

You use the Atrium Impact Simulator component of BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (BMC Atrium CMDB) to determine how a change to the availability of a configuration item (CI) will affect other CIs.

  • You could run a simulation in BMC Atrium Impact Simulator to learn what business services would be affected if you were to take a server offline.
  • You might also use BMC Atrium Impact Simulator to plan for disaster recovery. You can run simulations to determine where the network is weakest, and then create your plans.

The following topics describe Atrium Impact Simulator in more detail:

Calbro scenario for BMC Atrium Impact Simulator

A specialist at Calbro Services has been assigned to an incident for an accounting program that is not working. He identifies that the issue is being caused by a faulty database, and determines that he must update the database and restart the server to bring the program back online.

Before he restarts the server he runs a simulation in BMC Atrium Impact Simulator to determine the impact of restarting the server on other CIs. For example, there might be other software on the server unrelated to the issue he is trying to fix.

The results of the simulation show that restarting the server will also impact human resources software using a different, and currently functional, database on the same computer. With this knowledge, the specialist presents the issue and solution to the Emergency Change Advisory Board at Calbro Services.

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