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Reconciliation Engine enhancements

With BMC Atrium Core 8.0.00, the following changes have been made to the Reconciliation Engine to improve usability and troubleshooting.

Automated deletion of log files for reconciliation jobs

Previously, each time that a reconciliation job ran, the Reconciliation Engine created and saved log files. To conserve storage space and to automate the removal of old log files, you can now configure how many reconciliation job runs to save log files for. You can configure this setting for each reconciliation job.

For example, a reconciliation job might run every five minutes, or 12 times per hour. Instead of having 288 log files each day for that one reconciliation job, you could configure so that only the log files for the three most recent runs of that job are saved. Older log files are deleted.

For more information, see Configuring the deletion of Reconciliation Engine job log files.

Thread crash stack capture

To improve support for thread crashes in the Reconciliation Engine, stack trace information for thread crashes is logged in the arrecond.log file. You can send the stack trace information to BMC Support to determine the file, function, and line number that caused the crash. This feature requires no configuration and is available by default.

For more information, see Stack trace for thread crash.

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