This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix CMDB, which is available only to BMC Helix customers (SaaS).

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Moving data from isVirtual_old attribute to isVirtual attribute

In BMC CMDB versions 19.02 and earlier, the isVirtual attribute was included within BMC_SystemBMC_SystemComponent, and BMC_Collection classes. In BMC CMDB version 19.08 and later, a new isVirtual attribute is added to the BMC_BaseElement class to enable any device (CI) to be represented logically rather than as a physical entity. When a Configuration Manager upgrades to BMC CMDB version 19.08 and later, during the upgrade process, the existing attribute on all the three classes is renamed to isVirtual_old

The data associated with the isVirtual_old attributes must be moved to isVirtual attribute that is under BMC_BaseElement by using the isVirtual Mapper utility.


If you are a BMC Helix Subscriber, the utility is run automatically after upgrading.

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Before you begin

Download the CMDB Utilities from the following location:
For more information, see Working with CMDB utilities.
The isVirtual Mapper utility is located in CMDB_Utilities > common > utilities > isVirtual-mapper-job-import.

To move the data from isVirtual_old to isVirtual

  1. Open a CLI application. 
  2. Change the directory and enter the path where the isVirtual Mapper utility is located.
    For example, cd C:\Users\Downloads\CMDB_Utilities\common\isVirtual-mapper-job-import
  3. Enter the following information:

    java -classpath isVirtual-mapper-job-import.jar com.bmc.jobimport.pentaho.ImportAndDeployIsVirtualMapperJob -x -t -u -p -jf -hh -mm

    For example, java -classpath isVirtual-mapper-job-import.jar com.bmc.jobimport.pentaho.ImportAndDeployIsVirtualMapperJob -x ws-utm-abc -t 1234 -u Demo -p "password123" -jf "C:\Users\Downloads\CMDB_Utilities\common\isVirtual-mapper-job-import" -hh 21-mm 00

    -xAR Server name
    -tPort number
    -jfPath of the folder specifying the jobs and transformations to import. add "\\" or "/" at the end depending on the operating system.
    -hhJob schedule start time hours. Enter the local time of the system from where the utility is run.
    -mmJob schedule start time minutes. Enter the local time of the system from where the utility is run.
  4. To run the command, press Enter.

After you run the command, an Atrium Integrator job ParentJob_isVirtual is created. The job is designed to run only once after an upgrade. Depending on the job schedule, track the progress from the Atrium Integrator console in CMDB Portal. In some cases, it might take up to 10 minutes for the job to be displayed in the Atrium Integrator console.

A log file isVirtual-mapper-job-import-utility.log is created in the same location from where the utility is run.

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