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Running reconciliation jobs in a sequence by using the Execute activity

A configuration manager uses Execute activity to run multiple reconciliation jobs in a sequence.


Chris, the Configuration Manager at Calbro services, wants to run a reconciliation job with Identify and Merge activities for BMC.ADDM first and then run the Compare activity for BMC.ADDM dataset and BMC.ASSET dataset. A reconciliation job with with Identification and Merge activites already exists. Chris creates an Execute activity, adds the reconciliation job, and assigns a Sequence of 1. He then adds a Compare activity with the BMC.ADDM dataset and BMC.ASSET dataset and assigns a Sequence of 2.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have a reconciliation job that you want to use in the Execute activity. See Creating a reconciliation job.

To run reconciliation jobs in a sequence

  1. On CMDB Portal, go to Jobs > Manage Reconciliation

    • To add the Execute activity in a new job, click Create Job. 
      See Creating a reconciliation job.

    • To add the Execute activity to an existing job, on the reconciliation dashboard, select an existing job from the All Job Run Activities and then click Edit Job.

  2. Create an Execute activity in the reconciliation job.

    1. In the Activities area, click Add activity and select Execute from the list.

    2. Enter the following information:



      Type a unique name for the activity. The name must contain only those characters that the operating system of your server allows for file names. For example, on a windows server, your job name cannot contain the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |.


      Select a Namespace from the list. Only classes in the selected namespaces can participate in the activity. For more information, see Namespaces and reconciliation.


      Active - Runs the activity when the reconciliation job runs.

      Inactive - Does not run the activity when the reconciliation job runs.

      Continue on Error

      Defines whether the job continues if the activity has an error.

      Selected - The job continues to run even if an error occurs in this activity.

      Cleared - The job is terminated if an error occurs in this activity.


      Specify the sequence value for this activity in relation to other activities in a job. For example, if this activity has a sequence value of 2, it runs before an activity with a sequence value of 3. The sequence can be from 0 to 1000.

    3. In Job to Execute, select an existing reconciliation job from the list.
  3. Click Save to save the reconciliation job with the Execute activity.
  4. (Optional) To run the job immediately, open the job from All Job Run Activities and click Start Job.

If there are multiple activities in a reconciliation job and you want to run a specific activity, use the Status button to make the other activities inactive.

The following video (2:07) shows an example for a compare activity and the steps required to create a compare activity in a reconciliation job:

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