This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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Denormalization of CMDB data storage to improve performance

The following video provides information about the denormalization process.

The following infographic provides an overview for performing denormalization of CMDB data storage to improve performance.


 You cannot perform CDM denormalization if you have already executed it once on the system.

Perform the following tasks to denormalize CDM classes and relationships:

Sr. NoTaskReference
1Set up the staging server on which the cdm utility is deployedSetting up the staging server on which the CDM utility is deployed
2Run the CDM denormalization utility through the UIRunning the CDM Denormalization utility
3Perform the CDM denormalization prevalidation tasksCDM denormalization prevalidation tasks
4Perform the CDM denormalization execution tasks  Performing the CDM denormalization execution tasks
5Perform the CDM denormalization post-validation tasksPerforming the CDM denormalization post validation tasks
6Migrate the delta data after CDM denormalizationMigrating delta data after CDM denormalization

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