This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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Troubleshooting the SCCM Adapter

 After installing the SCCM adapter you might encounter the following issues:

IssueCause and resolution

Incorrect location of error log file

You might not be able to locate the error log file after installing the SCCM Adapter. All error log files related to Atrium Integrator jobs are saved in ngie/bin folder. Hence, the user must make sure that the error logging plugin has the correct file location.

Perform the steps given below to update the file location: 

  1. In the Pentaho Integration console, open the Error Logging plugin.
  2. In the Filename box, update the error log file location to include ngie/bin folder.
  3. Click OK.

Failure when running Normalization Engine jobs

SCCM adapter is shipped with Atrium Integrator, Normalization Engine, and Reconciliation Engine jobs. Normalization Engine jobs might fail to run after the Atrium Integrator jobs. In such a case, make sure that each transformation that SCCM has discovered has data mapped to Category / Type / Item / ManufactureName / Model. It is mandatory to have the data in this format in order to normalize those instances that Atrium Integrator creates.

Failure to open List of Transformations

In the Atrium Integrator, the transformations may fail as the CMDB Lookup step may not appear. 

Ensure you run the Atrium Integrator installer along with Action Request System and BMC Helix CMDB installer. You must run the Atrium Integrator and Spoon on the same local computer.

SCCM Adapter Maintenance Tool

The Maintenance Tool provides a common tool to access diagnostics and utilities that are useful when troubleshooting SCCM related issues. You can use the Maintenance Tool to collect diagnostic information, open and view log files, or search logs to identify issues. The SCCM Adapter Maintenance Tool also gives you access to installation and uninstallation logs.

You can find the SCCM adapter maintenance tool in the SCCM adapter installer package at the following location:\SCCMCMDBIntegration\Disk1\utility\ SCCMCMDBIntegrationMaintenanceTool

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