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Troubleshooting data load and performance issue

The Inline normalization mode is the real time mode that normalizes the CIs before they are saved in BMC Helix CMDB.

Inline normalization can be set for the selected dataset at the

  • Dataset level - Normalization level
  • System level - CMDB Engine Level

Best practice

We recommend that you do not turn off Inline normalization at system level, that is CMDB Engine level . If required, turn off Inline normalization for selected datasets at the dataset level, that is normalization level.

If you still require to turn off Inline normalization at system level for performing certain operations, make sure that you turn it on after the data load is complete.

In case of a one-time activity, if you want to load a large number of CIs (1M or more) into the system, you can turn off the Inline normalization mode. However, when you turn off the Inline normalization mode, the communication between the CMDB server and the normalization engine is suspended. The CIs will be loaded in the system but are not sent to the Normalization Engine for further processing. Ideally, the Normalization Engine checks if the dataset is enabled for inline normalization.

After the CIs are loaded in the system, you must turn on the Inline normalization mode and restart the AR System server and CMDB server.

For more information about Normalization, see Configuring normalization settings for datasets.


  • Only the batch jobs continue to function as scheduled, irrespective of the state of the Enable Inline Normalization check box at the system level.
  • The system level Inline normalization setting takes precedence over the dataset level Inline normalization.
  • If Inline normalization mode at the system level is turned OFF, the Inline normalization and Continuous modes do not function.

To reset inline normalization at the system level

Perform the following steps to set the Inline normalization mode at system level, that is at the CMDB engine level.

  1. On CMDB Portal, go to Configurations > Core Configurations > CMDB Engine.
  2. Select or clear the Enable Inline Normalization check box. By default, the check box is selected.
  3. Click Save.

To reset Inline normalization at the dataset level

Perform the following steps to set the Inline normalization mode at dataset level, that is at the Normalization level.

  1. On the Dashboard, go to Configurations > Core Configurations > Normalization.
  2. On the Default Dataset Normalization tab, select or clear the the Inline normalization check box. 
  3. Click Save.
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