This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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Troubleshooting CMDB utilities issues

While using some BMC Helix CMDB Utilities, use the information in this topic to troubleshoot any issues that might occur.

Issue symptoms

The following error is displayed if the Disallow non-unicode clients option is selected in AR System server:

ERROR : Server allows only Unicode clients (except Administrator and Alert tools).

Issue scope

This error might occur when you are trying to use the following BMC Helix CMDB utilities:

  • cmdbdriver
  • cmdbdiag
  • cdmchecker


Clear the Disallow non-unicode clients option and use BMC Helix CMDB utilities. Perform the following actions to clear the option:

  1. Log in to Remedy Mid Tier > AR system administration > AR System Administration Console > System > General > Server Information
  2. Select the Configuration tab. 
  3. Clear the check box for Disallow non-unicode clients.

Issue symptom

The CMDBDashboard utility is not triggered according to the configured schedule. 

Issue scope

Sometimes the CMDB:SHM:Schedule_RunSchedule escalation does not run based on the scheduled interval of one minute.


  1. Connect to the primary AR System server by Developer Studio.
  2. Open the escalation: 
  3. Obtain the pool number by performing the following steps:
    1. Run the following query on ARSystem db:select name,
      from the
      escalation where objProp
      like '%60024%'
    2. From the value that is returned by this query, check the last digit of objProp.
  4. Enter a value for Pool Number, which is not already present in the last digit of objProp.

For example, if objProp contains values 1, 2, and 5, enter the value of Pool Number as any number other than these values, such as 3 or 6.

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