This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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Retrieving external data by using federated plug-ins and classes

You can retrieve data from external databases using a combination of federated plug-ins and federated classes. You must first define a federated plug-in and then define a class that can retrieve data through the plug-in.

Retrieving external data from databases and displaying it as a part of CMDB involves the following high-level steps:

The following topics explain the process of retrieving external data in databases using federated classes:

Task or concept Reference
Before you create federated classes, you must first define plug-ins that can connect with the database containing federated data.Creating AR or JDBC federated data plug-ins to access data external to the CMDB
Retrieve information from external sources of data through plug-ins by creating federated classes and then viewing the data in Explorer.Retrieving federated data stored externally by creating federated classes

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