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Monitoring the impact of events on a business service

You can use CMDB Impact Simulator to predict whether outages or disruption to certain configuration items (CIs) will affect other CIs. These predictions are based on the impact relationships that you configure within BMC CMDB. To define an impact relationship between two CIs, set the HasImpact attribute in the BMC_Relationship relationship class to Yes.

If you have the BMC Service Impact Manager (SIM) installed, CMDB Impact Simulator can also use the impact relationships configured with the BMC Impact Model Designer. BMC Impact Model Designer is installed as a component of the BMC Helix CMDB Extensions that are available with Truesight Operations Management. For more information, see Installing the BMC CMDB Extensions to enable integration with Atrium CMDB.

Atrium Impact Simulator and BMC SIM



Using CMDB Impact Simulator with BMC SIM

If you have BMC SIM installed, CMDB Impact Simulator uses the impact relationships that you have configured by using the BMC Impact Model Designer, the impact relationships added by using CMDB Explorer, and the impact relationships that are automatically created in the BMC Helix CMDB or imported to the BMC Helix CMDB.

You can use CMDB Impact Simulator to test different impact scenarios before deploying those scenarios in your production environment. The following features of BMC SIM are not used with CMDB Impact Simulator:

  • BMC SIM schedules
  • Custom propagation models
  • Custom status computation models
  • Custom status states
  • Dynamic priorities

Using CMDB Impact Simulator without BMC SIM

If you do not have BMC SIM installed, CMDB Impact Simulator uses the impact relationships that you have created in the BMC Helix CMDB through CMDB Explorer or through the dynamic service modeling function of the Service Catalog.

For more information about creating impact relationships, see Creating relationships between CIs.

Using CMDB Impact Simulator with data discovered by BMC Discovery

BMC Discovery can discover CIs and their relationships. CMDB Impact Simulator can leverage these relationships, as in the following example and diagram:

  1. BMC Discovery discovers the Helpdesk application along with its components and their relationships.
  2. The discovered items are synchronized with CMDB and assigned under classes. A service titled ‘Helpdesk Service’ is created and related to the components discovered by BMC Discovery.
  3. The CMDB Impact Simulator is run.
    For more information about running a simulation, see Running an impact simulation
  4. The CMDB Impact Simulator assists in finding the components that are affected by the server component.

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