This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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Launching BMC Helix CMDB widgets from non-AR System applications

You can launch the Atrium Query or CMDB Explorer directly from any non-AR System applications using a browser. To launch the BMC Atrium Query or CMDB Explorer, you must specify the initialization parameters for the widget in the URL format.

In the URL for launching a widget, constants, such as F490001100 indicate the field ID on the Atrium:Explorer or Atrium:Query form. These IDs are fixed values for the initialization parameters. The following table lists the parameters and field ID mappings that you can use to launch the Atrium:Explorer form.

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CMDB Explorer launch parameters for non-AR System

Field ID

Parameter name



Namespace (required)

The namespace to which the instance belongs.


Class Name (required)

The class name to which the instance belongs.


CI ID (required)

The Instance ID of the CI for which the relationship data is displayed.


Dataset ID (required)

The dataset from which the instance data is selected.


Filter Name (optional)

The filter name for the view in CMDB Explorer. These filters enable you to specify qualifications for the instances that you want to view.

The following table lists the parameters and field ID mappings that are required to launch the Atrium:Query form.

 Atrium:Query launch parameters for non-AR System

Field ID

Parameter name



ResultSet Location

The location of the results list (bottom, right, none) within the widget.

To launch CMDB Explorer from a browser

  1. Open a browser and type the following URL in the address field:
    http://<ar server>:<port number>/cmdb/index.html#/explorer?F490001100=NameSpace&F400109900=ClassName&F431400000=CIID&F431400001=DataSetID&F431400003=FilterName

    Make sure that you specify appropriate values for placeholders, such as <arSystemServer><nameSpace><className><CIID><dataSetID>, or <filterName>.

    For example, the following URL includes all the required and optional parameters (Name Space, Class Name, CI ID, Dataset ID, and Filter Name) to launch the CMDB Explorer widget: 
    http://<ar server>:<port number>/cmdb/index.html#/explorer?ciList=%5B%7B%22instanceId%22:%22BMC_GLOBAL_DEFAULT_SRVC%22,%22namespace%22:%22BMC.CORE%22,%22className%22:%22BMC_BaseElement%22,%22datasetId%22:%22BMC.ASSET%22%7D%5D&showRelationshipGraph=true&_d=1629433342989


    Launching the widgets requires that you log in to the Mid Tier. You can supply a login ID and password in a POST command as part of the URL.

  2. Press Enter.
  3. In the Action Request System login page, type a user name and password, and click Log In.
    The specified widget opens in the browser.
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