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Exporting a service model

As a configuration manager, you can monitor your IT environment by tracking the changes that occurred in a service model.

You can create an Atrium Integrator Spoon job to generate a report about the changes made to a service model.

The output generated by the Spoon job is a text file that you must manually export to a spreadsheet format. You can also specify the columns and their order for the spreadsheet layout.

You can automate this task by setting a schedule for the job and generating reports at regular intervals. For more information about scheduling Atrium Integrator jobs, see Creating an Atrium Integrator job to import data.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have the required permission to create an Atrium Integrator Spoon job.

To export a service model

The following image represents the steps that must be added in the transformation:

  1. Log in to Atrium Integrator Spoon. 
  2. Create a new transformation and add the following steps:
    1. Define REST URL—Add a step to define the constants and enter the following information in the fields:
    2. Get AR JWT Token—Add the REST Client step and specify the AR JWT token authentication details.
    3. Prefix Token—Add the Modified JavaScript Value step and define the script values.

    4. REST Client CMDB_GraphWalk_API—Add the REST Client step and provide the Graphwalk REST API endpoint URL and the parameters. 
      This step generates a JSON file.
    5. Read GraphWalk Output—Add a JSON Input step that reads the JSON file generated in Step d.
    6. CIRelationshipReport—Add a Microsoft Excel Output step and define the columns that the report must create.
      This step uses the information from the JSON Input step and generates the report about the service model.
  3. Run the transformation.
    The following image shows a sample report with the columns class name, Instanceid, and datasetid:

  4. (Optional) To automate the report generation, open the transformation in the Atrium Integrator console in CMDB Portal and set a schedule.

Alternatively, you can use the following sample transformation, modify it for your environment, and run it: SampleGraphWalkCMDBRelReport.ktr .

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