This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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Archiving CMDB data

There could be several reasons why you may want to archive data from the CMDB. For instance, you might have a regulatory need to hold data for a prolonged period or for audit purposes, or you may want to remove Configuration Items (CIs) from the CMDB that are no longer present in your environment, but you still need to keep a record of the CIs. 

In the case of wanting to remove the CIs from the product dataset but retaining the paper-trail that they existed, CMDB archiving provides you an approach to achieve this objective by allowing you to ‘shift’ your data into the archive, while keeping the production dataset clean.

Archiving removes data from the CMDB and stores it for future reference. Use the CMDB Archive Manager to manage the archive policies to align the data in your CMDB with your business requirements.

The BMC Helix CMDB archive feature extends the core AR System archiving feature. Archiving is enabled for the out-of-the-box common data model (CDM). Use the CMDB Archive Manager utility to enable archiving for CDM extensions that you may have defined. The CMDB archiving policy is executed every time the AR System Archive Manager runs. 

For information about AR System archiving, see  Archiving data Open link in the AR System documentation.

The following topics give you detailed information about archiving and the procedure to use Archive Manager to define the archiving criteria for a Configuration item (CI).

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