This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu

Accessing components of BMC Atrium Core Console

From BMC Helix CMDB version 21.02, if you need to access the Flash-based CMDB UI, you can access the UI from CMDB Portal.


This topic is relevant only if you are using a browser that supports Adobe Flash. For more information about supported browsers for Adobe Flash, see Impact of Adobe Flash end-of-life on ITSM and replacement options Open link .

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Before you begin

Make sure that you have the following permissions to access the required components in CMDB.

Configuration Manager

Data Publisher

CMDB user

Atrium Core Console



Atrium Integrator

(tick)(minus) Atrium Integrator Permissions Required(minus) Atrium Integrator Permissions Required
Simulate Impact(tick)(tick)(error)
Product Catalog(tick)(error)(error)


The Atrium Core tab is available only if the default webpath is configured. To learn more about configuring the default webpath, see Configuring the default web path of the Mid Tier server in AR System Administration Console.

To access the CMDB components in flash-based UI

  1. Log in to the AR System home page.
  2. From Applications, select Atrium Core > Configuration Manager Dashboard

  3. Log in to CMDB Portal.
  4. Click Atrium Core.
  5. From the list of components, select the component that you want to access.

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